Welcome to our Website

Well, it’s your Website too. It belongs to all of us. That’s the whole idea behind Forge & Flint. This is a safe space for writers to share their work, create and produce high quality content, to receive helpful notes to make their work better, and to get their writing published.

It is incredibly difficult for a novice writer to get anything published in today’s world where anyone can write any old pile of rubbish and get it posted online. Reputable sites that produce high quality content only want writers with experience and published works. This makes it almost impossible for new writers to advance in their careers.

That’s why we came up with Forge & Flint. We want to turn innovative but inexperienced writers into published, renowned writers who produce high quality content. Experience is one thing, but fresh blood is always necessary for progress.

While we have a team of Senior Writers who work on the site, providing constant content on an array of subjects from science to healthy living, from pop-culture to current events, we also want to share things that others have written. If you want to share your thoughts on something, give a voice to the voiceless, or perhaps have written a script that you’re dying to see turned in to a film, we’ll try our hardest to make that happen.

Forgeandflint.com is a Website for everyone. It is a collective writing project to share high quality literature of all kinds with the world. This is a safe environment to push the boundaries of your writing and share it with the whole world.

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