Chad Echakowitz

Editor in Chief


Reader, writer, one-time spelunker, Chad originally grew up in South Africa but currently resides in the United Kingdom, but don’t hold that against him. Chad finds passion in new adventures, jumping straight in without thinking of the consequences. While this (often) leads him in to a world of trouble, it somehow always ends well and Chad always has a story to tell.

Chad started Forge & Flint with the intention of creating a place where writers can come together and spread the word about their words. He also wanted to make a space where people could find the inspiration to read again, finding faith and hope in the fact that the future of literature is in good hands. Chad feels that he has done this. Well… he hasn’t done this: all the incredibly talented writers of Forge & Flint have done this.

But what Chad loves more than anything, more than writing or helping out his fellow writers, is pie. There is nothing better than a good steak and cheese pie.

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