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Hey, it’s Katie here,

Welcome to my profile, hmm let me see, now about me.

Well I was born in a small country town called good old Ballarat, some of you might know this place as its most famous for the gold rush and the eureka stockade. But to me, it’s known for the place where my journey really began. Growing up I was always surrounded by the arts scene from performing arts, to visual arts, to poetry, etc.

How I got into writing poems you may ask, well I would love to say that I have been studying courses for years, but sorry to burst your bubble I haven’t been taught poetry at all not even in primary school. I started writing poetry at the age of 11, when mum and I moved to Warrnambool to live. She worked at a centre called Shamrock House where they helped people experiencing drug and alcohol addictions etc.

But helping these people came with a price. I experienced a lot of traumatic events that took a toll on my life and, to be honest, I had trouble dealing with it and having learning difficulties really didn’t help the situation. That was when I started writing down my thoughts and feelings and began observing the life around me and the lives of others. I noticed that every time I wrote down my thoughts they began to rhyme in such a beautiful way that helped me to not only express myself but to inspire those around me. I love writing poetry because it allows me to be myself and it can provide hope and guidance for the lost and the suffering.

So, I hope that my poems in some way inspire you, move you and when in doubt provide you with a different outlook on life. So, stay tuned and let’s face it; the world’s fucked up. So, there will be a lot of poems coming your way.

Katie Out.

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