Leah Nichols

Freelance Writer


Some of my earliest memories are of me sat at my mum’s large dining room table writing stories. I used to make little paper books to write my own little novelettes. I would beam with pride every time I took it into school to show my class the next day. I always loved English at school and writing short stories got me my highest marks. As I have grown older, this love has not died and I’ve now achieved a level 2 and 3 in creative writing. I work in education now and I try to spark the love of writing, and of course reading, in my students every day.

My love for writing hasn’t ever left, I’ve always written notes down for different kinds of stories as they occur to me. It makes me happy to tell stories and have people enjoy them (I hope!). Being an amateur actor, I tend to observe the world closely. I find this a huge help when I write because my characters can have a shot at being more relatable to the reader.  Knowing I can write about anything at all is hugely exciting to me: no limitations or restrictions.

I’m usually inspired to write about real people. I like to delve into the world of real people who have had struggles we didn’t know about, or bring to light facts the reader wouldn’t have known before.

In short stories, I like to make it relevant and I love to use imagery within these stories to try and immerse the reader into the world of these characters. Making a short story for me is the best because it can come from any little thing; a word or a picture can spark an idea. That, for me, is the most exciting thing about writing.


Short Stories