5 Cute Ways To Remind Your Long-Distance Lover You’re Thinking Of Them

Written by Sophie Jayne Whitrick

Taken by Ryan Franco

Taken by Ryan Franco

Long distance relationships can be really hard. Like really, really hard. Often, you feel like a jigsaw with a missing piece, constantly longing to be with the one person that fills your mind pretty much 100% of the day. During this trying time, it was the little things we did for each other that made each day easier. Here are five cute gestures that will tie those bonds so you can feel the electricity flow through the continents.

1. Write a Surprise Letter

I don’t mean by email or text. A proper letter, written on paper, sent in the post. Write exactly what you are thinking about at that moment in time. Tell them why you miss them. Be sure to date it and write the time on the letter. Your partner won’t be able help but smile. You can take this one step further and spray the paper with your favourite sent (for me, it was coconut). Whether your paramour realizes it or not, it doesn’t matter – it adds another dimension. It’s the idea, the subtly of each little added touch which makes it really special.

In the future, you'll be able to look back at those letters, see how much has changed since then and you have physical proof of surviving such a horrible part of your relationship when you were away from each other. 

2. Play your Song at the Same Time

Organise to play your favourite song together at the same time, so even across the miles you are sharing the same moment in time whilst enjoying your special tune. Not only will you feel comforted because it is your song, but music can hack into your emotions. Let the tune guide you home and into each other’s arms.

Along with this, look up at the night sky together. Try find the moon. Let the other person know that you’re looking up at it and even though you may be miles apart, you can still see the same beautiful things together.

3. Have a Text Race

This was one of my favourite games, usually because I always won. So, the aim of the game is that whoever wakes up first has to write a text for the other to wake up to. Whether it’s a poem or just ‘I love you’, your lover will feel comforted, special and loved when they wake up, with your words being the first to fill their mind for the day.

Cheeky tip: if you wake up in the middle of the night, send your message then, you’re bound to win the race that way; it’s the only way my boyfriend ever won. Even though it’s technically cheating.

4. Send Pictures

Send each other a picture of yourself every now and again. They don’t have to be sexual, in fact stupid ones are usually the most comforting, as it is your relationship in its most natural form. Plus, it gives your partner something to look back on when they’re feeling super low from missing you. In this digital age, it is easier than ever to still be in each other’s lives. But no relationship works from just texting. It’s nice to see the other person’s face.

If you have the means, try to video chat sometimes too. It’s not the same as seeing your lover in person, but it’s better than a faceless phone call or text. It is the next best thing and it will make your distance that little bit easier to bare.

5. Share

Share a favourite memory you had together, or a reason why you love the other so much. Just let them know they are living in your heart always. Never be afraid to show your feelings to each other, you can’t help each other through the hard times if you don't share. In this case, sharing is always caring.

Long distance is hard. If you keep things bottled up inside you, you will resent your lover. Also, your lover will have no idea what’s going on in your life and so can’t help you when things get tough. Be open. Share the doom and gloom. That’s why your partner is there: to help you carry your baggage.

We used to play the game, "Why do you Love me Today?" Where we would ask the other this simple question. Finding a new reason every day can be tough in a long distance relationship but it keeps things fresh and it keeps you fighting for what you love.

Long distance relationships suck. They’re hard, lonely, and you’re bound to fight. There will be times where you wonder if it’s worth it and I promise you it is. These are five of the many things that made my long-distance relationship keep flourishing. Hang in there. Love is the strongest force of all, so no matter what, it will pull you back together. Remember, long distance isn’t forever.

Humming a slightly varied tune,
Opposite angles of the moon,
Buried in layers of ourselves,
Leaves room for no one else,
~ Motion City Soundtrack, True Romance ~

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