Grae Westgate

Senior Writer


Eternal man-child Grae lives his life through an ongoing series of TV tropes. Any psychological analysis would probably reveal a severe case of Truman Show Syndrome. But at last the audiences seem satisfied.

Born in South London to a butcher’s boy made good and an Indian princess, Grae has always found comfort in writing. His first novella, “The Boy Who Wanted to be an Under the Sea Animal” gained him ten house points and the youngest ever nomination for the Pulitzer at the age of six. A week before his tenth birthday, Grae moved into an abandoned Scientology church in a small mining village in County Durham before spending his formative years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Well, the setting for it at least.

After garnering a Master’s degree in Scriptwriting, Grae spent a few years in Japan, indulging his Anthony Bourdain fantasies, finding a few ounces of Zen, and kidnapping locals for his own sordid pleasures. Whilst there, his passion for writing blossomed like cherry tree, as he got lost in the world of blogging, exotic Kitkat reviews, and children’s literature.

Despite most of his time being taken up by sharing his love of literature with the writers of tomorrow, in those rare moments between lesson plans, Grae can usually be found wandering the woods lost in a good podcast, or curled up binging old Disney Channel shows.


Short Stories