Sophie Ramshaw

Junior Writer


I am currently a 20-year-old Australian female – but I think the first and foremost thing anyone needs to know about me is that I am a huge nerd. The hugest some may say. Not a day goes by without at least one TV show or film quoted, and my various tattoos of random video games and Hannibal Lecter quotes does well to showcase this. And I’ve always been this way. I guess growing up with two older brothers forcing you to watch Die Hard and other films, any eight-year-old probably shouldn’t be subjected to, will cause at least some degree of geeky, tomboyishness. And I suppose that’s where my creative side comes from too: My brothers and my family.

Any chance to write, draw or act, you’ll find me stalking quietly behind like a ninja. My tween years however, were when my interest in writing really started, and when asked by friends why I would enjoy such a lame and boring hobby, I would reply: “because when I write, I am practically god! I could kill you right now in story form if I wanted,” to which I would often get a small nod and raised eyebrows as they knew my logic was solid.

And so, from crappy short stories about love triangles and high school, to people being decapitated with their own spinal column, I can certainly say my skills and interests have definitely progressed.

I plan to be a crime scene cleaner, but writing will always be one of my biggest loves, and I hope to one day finish my novel and see it published before my inevitable demise. I am also thankful for Forge & Flint giving me this platform to grow as a writer and present my weird and niche form or horror-comedy to anyone mad enough to read it.    

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