In Control of Oblivion

Written by Payge Stanley

Photograph by  Sandis Helvigs

Photograph by Sandis Helvigs

Some things you can’t control.
Like the seasons that turn from blistering cold to rays of sunshine.

The way a lion stalks it’s prey that is so innocently unaware it’s in marked territory.
The sudden burst of rain on a forecast for nothing but a light breeze.
But what happens when you lose control of the one thing you have control over.
Your hands begin to shake without warning.

No matter how much water you drink your dried lips stay parched.
You feel overcome with emotion yet the tears won’t leave the confinement of your eyes.

Your heart beat becomes unrecognisable and inconsistent.
The only thing stopping you from focussing on the thousands of thoughts rapidly barging through your mind is the high pitched noise ringing in your ear.
Knowing that’s the last time you will ever hear that frequency.
You shattered through a wall unknowingly.
You can’t turn back and you can’t see in front of you.
An all too familiar feeling with no comfort to it.
But how can you stop it.
You’re not in control anymore.

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