Ode to Dart

Written by Eddie T. 


Oh young tadpole unlike all other, 

with a sweet tooth just like me

I hid you in my room from my mother

At least there, out of trouble you would be. 

At least there, you and I could just be. 


On 3 Musketeers you munched away

with nougat and chocolate so sweet

and my love for you grew every day. 

So I named you D'Artagnan, a musketeer none could beat

... it was a shame you switched to meat. 


And you ate my cat

For fresh blood you were itchin'

what was up with that? 

Though I still thought you were bitchin'

those early days, my tadpole, I'm missin'


And now here we stand, my Demodog, 

in a tunnel created by your master

I have one candy bar left.

So let us go past ya

so we can save the world from disaster


Oh Dart, I miss you more than you know.

You would like it here

in this ball themed around snow.

And as the girls turn away from me

all I wish is that I had my friend back. 

I am so alone. 

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