Stranger Kings

Written by Iris Harding 


There's something stalking our quiet little town

I know Bob thinks It

Might be an evil clown.

But I said, 'Dude, that shit's for Derry.

Things in Indiana are never that scary."


I thought if you could stand by me

Things would be just fine.

But then this chick like Carrie showed up

and she could move things with her mind. 


I'd tell the Police Chief but I think he's an alcoholic

Like that guy at the Overlook hotel

who went psychotic.  


I heard that Steve Harrington,

the guy they call, "king",

had to do battle with this weird demon, dog thing.

It was an epic fight 

just like the one in Cujo

With the guy in the fog with the bat?

Oh come on, I know you know! 


Whatever's going down,

let's hope some plucky kids can help us through.

In a coming-of-age epic, a little bit too good to be true. 

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