Pretty Hurts

Written by Payge Stanley 


Trust me, I understand how paradoxical it sounds.
To say “being beautiful is hard”.
I can hear your laughter as you read that sentence, but you don’t hear it from my point of view.
"Too pretty to like sports"
"Too pretty to be friends with them"
"Too pretty to have tattoos"
"Too pretty to be smart"
Labelled instantaneously for something as temporary as looks.
As if they define me.
As if they mean my life is perfect.
But the label reads nothing but "Burden".
Tell me, is it me or my body you want?
Everyone so aware of the advantages of being pretty but too naive to notice there are disadvantages.
People constantly searching for flaws and mistakes in you like you are a middle school essay that needs proof-reading.
Only content when they find some because now you’re acceptable.
"How is it fair to be pretty, that’s  got to mean your life is a fairy tale right?".
But don’t you remember that every princess has struggles and pain.
Beauty saves you from nothing.
Especially not the hands of a man whose ego makes him feel entitled to have you because you make him horny.
An added label. "Sex object".

"Well it’s lucky you’re pretty"
5 words that rid any worth I thought I had.
No amount of hard work, accomplishments or personality can ever seem to outshine the shadow of being "just pretty".
Because in a Society this vain nothing matters more.
Who cares, boys are only friends with her to "get some".
Who cares she’s insecure.
Who cares that girls she’s never met already hate her and spread rumours.
Who cares she’s a mother, daughter, girlfriend, sister, a human being.
She’s got it easy because she’s  pretty, right?