Late Sunrise

Written by Ian Mann


As the sun breaks

On these fortified roots.

We witness a love

Sprouting new shoots.


Many times the moon

Has rotated the earth

For us to bear witness

To this union’s true birth.


The plus of this taking 

So long of a time…

Is the elements are tested

And the love now divine.


This symbiosis has

Survived many a storm.

No matter the weather

The bark hath not worn.


Bearing true testament

To their spirits nature…

The passing of time

Formed their love more mature.


This sacrament today

Gestures a new start.

A fortified binding

Of hope to ne’er part.


So to the next cycle

Of this mutual fusion.

Entwined forever

Let there be no conclusion.


But, we wish to see saplings

Now this marriage is born.

As each new beginning

Starts with a dawn.


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