The Abstract

Written by Anthony De Vall



Darkness stalks us from our dawn

Relentless for our final breath

At first its form is blurred

Unknown yet familiar

Hiding in the mist of time

Watching, waiting for the moment

By night it closes hidden from our breath our sight our souls

Our name is scrawled upon the wall of those to be recalled

Yet still we betray ourselves

Not wanting to face our fate

Knowing yet waiting for our turn to come

For when it is revealed sadness will be left

A hollow place filled with despair & tears from those who miss

So how to fill the emptiness?

Remember how it was before

Like a leaf caught upon the wind

Floating through the air with grace

Never staying nor wanting for the journeys end

Moving forever on the wind

For even though the darkness comes

It takes us all one by one

Our souls live on in those yet to be gone

Transformed from what we are

The abstract is returned