Liquid Love

Written by Roger Lucas


Woodgrain of piano and bass 

stand side by side,

together your hands over 

ivory and metal slide.


All is coloured with a cover

of soft red light,

only a microphone’s silver gleams 

until your lips part,

and give your face 

its keyboard smile so white.


A down to earth return is showed,

before, the lights of constellation 

on your grin had glowed 

in link up with accompaniment.


This far sparkling sound 

floats, sprinkled on swift streams 

flowing from the spirit continent 

beyond our sight.

Sent through fingers feeling 

the motion and the pace

of that, which they allow to depart

from their high realm.


To bring to man’s, upon the ground 

your notes pour out a whirl

of notes, to fill our ears,

and saturate the heart

with overflowing gladness.


Come true are dreams 

for its powers overwhelm

all that causes sadness,

annulling fears

it brings on peace,

clear eyes, instead of tears.


The elements you've reached tonight 

are created hot 

- up above 

they raise our consciousness.


Out into flight 

condensing drops of concentration 

become pure pearl 

presented here.


They are appealing,

dripping in the atmosphere 

a lot 

of liquid love