On Loving Someone with Depression

Written by DARA

Photograph by  Chris Barbalis

Photograph by Chris Barbalis

Loving someone with depression

is like running down a dark alleyway

not being able to reach the illuminating glow

of the only source of light and love ahead of you

that no matter how fast you run

or how furiously you love

you will almost always just admire it from afar

never being able to cup its reflective orbs in the palm of your hands

and when you finally catch up with her

she dims the brightness in which her story entails

and leaves you tirelessly wanting more

even though your body aches

because getting her light to shine through

the bones and arches of your ribs

as it digs down to the very core of you

is an equivalent to oxygen to the lungs

but she hides away

buried in dark forts of pillows and blankets

surrounding herself with sharp silver steels

and magic pellets

as she empties herself

draining the only deep red sign she’s alive

but she wasn’t really living

she only lived to please

like circus freaks juggling a past of



and dissatisfaction

but even when the curtains have been drawn

she still walks that tightrope

every night

losing herself

within every step

until you finally lose