Phantoms You Left

Written by DARA

Photograph by  Andrey Andreyev

Photograph by Andrey Andreyev

Sunshine warms my paint-chipped bedroom walls

touching the perfectly framed painting hung above my bed

a house by the ocean

a place I’d rather be

I turn to my right

the ticking of the clock stops


i’m temporarily preserved in time

i go back to a previous life

where eyes were bright

and dreams alive

i close my eyes and bring myself

upon hazy memories of lazy days at the beach

desperately trying not to bump into the thought of You

into the ebb and flow of the water as it kissed the shore

just like you kissed me


remember the shells

the curve of their backs 

like they hold a secret too precious to share

their lines so intricately carved despite surrounding harsh waters

the coolness of our lips from popsicles consumed

and the sweetness that made me come back for more


i’ve spent too long here

the trickling beat of rain hits my windowpane

a gentle reminder of the present

the blur of my surroundings like visions through glasses

when the sky is pouring down with emotions I thought

i’d forgotten

there is nothing beautiful or poetic about this

its vague shape isn’t something that resembles a Monet

it’s uncertainty

in others

in yourself

it’s the lack of vibrancy in your day to day

muted colours

pale sounds

surround the dark

that consumes my thoughts

nature’s stepchild

carrying the heaviness

of the emptiness