Written with Nature I

Written by Caselka


Bells chime in my head,

Syncing with birds of the forest above our heads.

Like a choir full of expertise

The nature in this world,

Our world

Sings to me

A sea of voice

A forest of songs

A humming mantra that holds

Me tightly

In bliss.

You fill me with life,

One would say

But that isn’t true.

Your smile is a light switch

To the globe in my soul

That you see through.

You don’t fill me with life

You simply bring me to life,

Simply complex I say.

Only you know how to wake my joy

My lovely wife.

So we are roaming in the forest

With bells, birds

& Conscious words

We travel with our minds

Ahead of our feet

In the forest,

For some reason,

 We kneel in defeat.