The Clever Squirrel

Written by Ercie Berwick


I saw a squirrel sitting

High in our oak tree.

"Come down," I yelled,

"Come down, I say,

Come down and play with me!" 


He looked at me,

He turned away,

Then looked at me some more.

"I don't want to play with you,

Humans are a bore."


"What's this?" I asked, 'A bore,' you say?

What do you mean by that?"

He quickly scrambled to the ground,

Looked up at me, then sat.


He stared and stared for quite a while

With his beady little eyes.

I felt that he was planning

A very big surprise.


He twitched his tail,

And then he spoke

With a curious little sound.

"If you want to play with me,

Follow me around."


I hastened after him because

He traveled very fast.

He ran and ran, and I ran, too,

And then he stopped at last.


I saw acorns in a yard,

They were scattered everywhere.

"Start picking," he commanded,

"Then we'll go over there."


He pointed to a great big tree

With his swishy, fancy tail.

There were so many acorns,

I should have brought a pail.


I filled both my pockets

With all that they could hold.

I turned around, and there he was,

Looking very bold.


My squirrel friend was eating lunch

In a little picnic spot.

He never did a lick of work,

While I did quite a lot.


I gathered all the acorns,

There weren't any more.

Then my friend the squirrel said, 
"Now they're mine to store."


So I followed once again

Where he was leading me,

And finally he stopped in front

Of a gigantic tree.


"This is where I live," he said,

And he sounded very proud.

The way he looked at me and smiled,

I nearly laughed out loud.


"I'd like to invite you in," said he,

"I really, truly would.

You could try to squeeze inside,

But I don't think you should."


"Just hand me all the acorns,

One by one of course,"

And so I did as I was told,

There were enough to choke a horse!


After they were stored away,

And there weren't any more,

"Thanks, my human friend," he said,

And he quickly shut the door.