We of All the Little Worlds

Written by Justin Hoffman 


We, of all the little worlds
spinning 'round like clouds through the night sky
the man in the moon
our mystic guide
through this ocean of reality and sin

Do you think you're the only one?
The lonely lamb grazing in the vast beyond?
How significant is insignificance?

Well destiny is a sad, sad, tale
and fate? A passing craze
But in the end-
its all we have to lead our souls to eternal bliss

As I sit, I ponder
Do you think?
Do you wonder?
Do you open up your mind?

Comfort has become to luxurious an institution
And creativity has suffered
Suffered more as if it were a burden than a blessing
This collage called life-
an apparatus for the soul
A shell to walk in until time calls out your name

all are one, and one are all
for we are the puppets of this play
We, (looking up) of all those little worlds