The Giant's Causeway

Written by Drew Gripe

Photograph by  Jeff White

Photograph by Jeff White

This poem was written in response to Ireland's Civil War, "The Troubles

Hexagonal rocks
jut out from the shore

cracks within the earth
inspire games of war.

Blood black masks surround them,
terror from the friend,

all to join the cause,
so trying for an end.

All forever fleeting,

blood to make more blood,

and every time retreating

to what they wish was mud.

Some say this past is over
with big bomb fires gone out,

but drugs within the clover
make sadness scream and shout.

To end abomination
politics comes in,

saying: "peace within you people"
with its comfortable greedy grin,

and now the say so peace
is welcomed to our door

while silent masks still scream
crying for the war.