Written by Olivia Wynn


I want to feel high or not feel at all

Intensified or numbness just no in between

High enough to feel alive brightness so bright that it blinds

Ecstasy that makes me cry

Flying soaring like I've died


I wanna feel numb

Like the dullness fades away piercing needles met decay

I'm not here I went away

Just gone


No in between not waiting for life to start

Either it's now or it's gone

I'm needing to feel real

Real pleasure real love real life

I'm needing to run from boredom from same from time

Drinking a shot of this and a shot of that, getting used to it feeling for a hit like crack

Like an addict in withdrawal

Missing the high 

Missing the sky

Breathing, eyes open but barely alive


Heart beating then stalling

I nudge it to wake up

Your still here

We are still doing this thing called neither here or there

Still in between.