Don't Touch My Hair

Written by Allison Howard 


Another one gone, gone, faded
No wonder I see life as jaded
When I send lovers off on whims
Beg beg them to come back again
Once the bridge has turned to flames
I only have myself to blame
Not pills or my psychosomatic ways
Or the darkness in self-isolating days
Wishing for sunshine and company
What could a man possibly want of me?
"And why does that matter?" my inner beast roars
Dark wisdom woven frantic in her pores
Wanting a self-fulfilled life, she points at me
And in a way, I guess it's meant to be
That in seeking justice and equality
To play the opposite, a man for idolatry,
Is what my childish spirit seeks
But the older female, woman, defeats.

I guess maybe this story is sad
Since in the end I see "isolated" as bad
Though of course I bring it on irrationally
Because I don't want to know what society expects of me
Since it's never good or fair
And I've had enough of assholes pulling my hair.