Written by Dorothy Pincus


I wish you had the audacity to treat me the way, I see myself
I wish you had the audacity to treat me as the person that I am today
Instead of the person you met, a year ago, 3 months ago, 10 years ago
5 years ago, 20 years ago,
People get stuck into a loop and first impression is lasting
And when they meet you, they immediately draw an opinion of you
And that opinion serves a life sentence
Serves a measure by how they treat you and what kind of relationship they have with you for the rest of your encounter together.

I wish that I would have friendships based upon the friendships that is established through our interactions instead of the ghost in their heads of their own past. They are haunted of things that they’ve gone through, but you get a label attached to you because it looks familiar or it feels the same or they get triggered by an event that was in the past. You get dumped on because of their experiences that they’ve had with other people and you become that person because they can’t let go of their past.

I’ve been laying here and thinking about how prejudiced people are, and I’m baffled by it. I am so overwhelmingly disgusted by the human experience and the labels that is inflected upon a person without lack of evidence that the person did any wrong doing. Folks are judged by rumor has it. Or they are judged based on my outer appearance. They don’t know me like that, and the not knowing or not giving me the opportunity to get to know someone is the problem. The communication between two folks is never had so their assumption is negative or wrong. We are these spiritual beings having a human experience. Our voices deserved to be heard. We are all one, one mind, one body, one soul. 

I have been raped, mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally. I’ve been charged of crimes that I’ve never commit. The minute I walk out that door, I am judged. I sit back and I see the looks and the glares the spitefulness and the hatred because of how I look. I am a reminder of or a trigger point and that gives my brother or my sister, or my human, the right to bully me and take me for granted or hold me to a standard that is not my label. I wished that I can be judged by the label I am.

That if they got to know me. They would see this amazing person with so much love in her heart. To know me is to love me, to cherish me, to honor me, to respect me, to be in ah of me, to be proud of me, to be happy for me to support my dreams as I support theirs. 
Because I am a walking love machine. That’s all I want to do, it not pretends, it’s not something that I pretend to do. pretend to be, that’s something that I am.