PRE-TEEN GIRLS ARE TERRIFYING (and we really never grow out of it)

Written by Melissa Booey

Photograph by   Jason Blackeye

Photograph by Jason Blackeye

Takes a telescope to see my curves -

a morphine drip to calm my nerves, but

for a close-up look at open wounds, you can see my hollows from

Saturn’s moons.

You can check it out eight days a week.

Nightly showings down at shit-show creek, and

If you’d believe it, it’s all for free!

Since all I really want is company…

All I really want is company.

All I really need is the company.

“If you leave me now you’ll rue the day!” As you’ve slammed the door,

I finally say. But it’s too late now, which is such the theme.

I add, “Well… I’ll be fine,” quickly losing steam.

My guardian angel looks on prayerfully, “Please Lord, do

let the poor girl dream.”