Written by Vincent Zulawski


A white, foaming, gargantuan monster of old

Leaping! Its mouth frothing sending legions of cold

Icicles, piercing, battering in liquid form

A gale! A tempest! A sea-storm!


Summoned out of will against the worlds complacent tranquility,

Roused the heavens themselves in its plea for unquenchable fury

Your wildest dreams, fears of creatures and krakens emerging from the deep dark depths, larger than islands and fuming

Outstripped, outmatched by the mountainous waves,

The whole world, rising, falling, does not behave

Passion flames cannot hope to catch

As lighting strikes its background match.


She has been with thee for a long time

And now, now you see her at last!

All this new splendor and size!

How unconquerable!

No roman army with deafening cries

Can stand or march into those ghastly eyes

It’s imponderable!


And him, like Jonah, prays for the strength of his mast

Like a penny twirling up and down he is cast

Rolling alongside her wet, white, foaming knuckles.
Wrathful god power, to her an endless chuckle.


The crash and blast and creak of timbers

The frenzy of life itself wiping away his notions

The freeze in his bones hotter than the great orb,


A man stands alone against the ocean.