Written by Nikita Sethi

Photograph by  Andrei Lazarev

Photograph by Andrei Lazarev


I watched.

As the darkness seeped down into the innocent,

I watched.

As you screamed out that danger was imminent,

I watched.

“Keep me sane – keep me away from imprisonment,”

I watched.


I watched the once soaring, fall.

I watched as your screams painted walls,

Walls that once held your dreams, but now it seems,

No one was listening to your call.


I watched when I should have acted.

My soul seeks forgiveness, for my heart was distracted.

In a time when I needed to be proactive,

I chose the wrong play to be reenacted.


So let me put down Hamlet, let’s turn our page,

This one’s for you, my soaring angel – time to take our place on stage.