Leap of Faith

Written by Celeste Moore


Don't strive for perfection but instead to be a better you. Things won't always go right and it won't always be up to you. We all want what's right and we try to do it on our own. Not trying to understand  why.. We just want it done. No patience yet slim faith all the while hoping for divine intervention, but hope is not the same as Faith. Hope is wishing that something goes right while understanding it may go wrong. Faith is being sure that it will happen despite what has gone wrong. To see a canvas with no paint and wonder why it's undone... Yet to see a canvas with no paint and still see the beauty of its unfilled desires.. Is like watching a sunset unsure if you'll be there to see the next,  cause at that moment and in the moment you see the Awe in his creation. Your mind tells you that tomorrow is coming and does not doubt it... And when you take your leap of faith...your belief should be the same.