You Loved Me

Written by Celeste Moore


Darkness became a part of an everyday routine. Walls turned into corners of shadows waiting to grasp the little hope i had inside of me. I was drowning in my own thoughts; suffocating in my own sadness; miserable in my own misery. It was a mentality of abuse I created for myself. It was a mentality of self hate, I trained my soul to posses. It was me.  The shadows of myself telling me to love no one else; telling me I'd never be good enough. It reached out. When no one was there, it called to me. As hard as I fought, it fought harder.  I got weak so there I stood.  Remembering all the moments I created, all the pain I allowed,  all the sadness that I thought I had let go... came back to see that I drowned in them. As it called for the last time, I walked to it.  I wanted to face it.  It knew what it wanted and I knew I wanted to see it. As I start stretched my hands to feel, to see, to become, and to be... There you were. Standing between me and defeat... and you shined like the heavens. Like a candle in the night.  Your love for me is how I won the fight; and the heavens must have opened, because God heard my prayers. For every tear was kept and every doubt dismayed; and when I could not love me.... When I could could not see me.... When I could not be me... When I could not love you... When I could not see love for myself; You held me, you taught me and I know you did because you saw me.... AND YOU LOVED ME