Free Yourself

Written by Celeste Moore 

Photograph by   Eva Blue

Photograph by Eva Blue

Bondage and chains. Responsibilities and possibilities. Dedication and uncertainty. I want to be free. I want to relax my mind from the pressures of everyday life. I don't want to be up tight and burden. I don't want to have a broken spirit and torn apart dreams. Undiscovered galaxies making themselves known, and here I am struggling to find my purpose. I never expected to be derailed from my purpose... life has a funny way of teaching lessons about the choices you make. God if you're there... please answer me. Please lease me a moment of peace. A moment where my dreams and goals no longer fight my reality. Free me. Its getting harder to breathe trying to inhale the freshness of a new start... all the while being choked by the fear of becoming better. Who am I to be better then the ones around me? Who am I to dedicate myself to change? Who am I ? How can I?

Millions of people with billion dollar dreams.. living a minimum life. Trying to pay bills so that they don't go without. I've watched and I've learned. I've finally found the courage to no longer be scared. I've finally found the courage to no longer fit in, but to fight out. Fight my way to my success, fight pass my doubt, fight pass my insecurities, fight pass my doubters.

You have to learn to fight; it's the only way you will free yourself.