Liberating Words - Part I

Written by Gaochi Vang 


I don’t want to be fixed. Because I am not broken. I am just collecting pieces of myself that have yet to fit into one another.

Photograph by   Jeremy Bishop

Photograph by Jeremy Bishop


Give yourself the space to make mistakes, then give it to those around you.

-growing up

Photograph by   Sam Manns

Photograph by Sam Manns

I’ve walked the very fine lines between my identities. What I found was that it wasn’t about choosing one, it was about making one.


I think the reason why I have not accepted love from potential lovers is because I am still learning exactly what love is. For me, as an individual.


I’m so scared to be me because I have yet to accept it – everything I am.

Photograph by   Patrick Hendry

Photograph by Patrick Hendry


Searching for my identity made me realize that as much of an insider I was, I was an outsider. Too.