Written by Melissa Booey


I walked a man

I walked him like a dog

At the end of the road I let him loose

It was not a pleasant conversation.

He shielded

Only to re-yield and be forced to re-heel like the dog that he is

Or the dog that he isn’t

Or the dog that he never was or never will be, because he’s a proud,

decent man and I’m a batshit broken record.

I talked myself

I talked myself up and down like a fool

At the end of the day I held the phone

It was another one-sided conversation.

I tried

Only to rely on the forces of re-cried, undried salty tears that won’t

Or haven’t seemed willing

Or haven’t felt ready to throw in the towel, because you can’t fix a

broken record and I’m not batshit all on my own.

I found a friend

I found her like a trail

At the end of the line I lost her way

It was an unspoken conversation.

She searched

Only to re-work her way back to re-learn how offtrack I had wandered

Or far down I had fallen

Or far forward I’d actually flown on my own, because I’m not as

batshit as the broken records told me I was, or wasn’t, or never will be

because I’m a proud, decent person who will

never make it out alive.