Do It

Written by Vincent Zulawski

Photograph by   Amanda Dalbjörn

Photograph by Amanda Dalbjörn

Do it,


Do it,

With sadness and with grace

Do it casually.

Do it like Shakespeare did,

Do it in a pair of jeans

Do it when you’re not doing it.


Do it when you need to get home and it’s cold and you are shaking and each gust of wind freezes the marrow of your bones and you can’t take anymore,

Do it,

Like you are competitive

Like you wish to dominate,

Like you want to listen,

To help…

To fight…

To chew chunks of until your insides bleed

To fabricate the truth

To dance and shout and scream and scare your neighbors

To love, long and strong and lustfully until you are not quite sure what is right anymore

To cheat and win

To lose and wish you cheated

To never cheat and always win,

To learn,

To burn and burn and burn again with the fires of your own entitlement

To live luxuriously, depraved and debauched

To be humble and to contemplate

Do it.


Do it like you’re on a stage

Do it like you just fell off a tree

Do it like you’re away

Do it like you’re inside of its beating heart and fucking its throat

Do it like you meditate,

Do it, do-it, do-it, do-it

Do it when you wake up from a dream and you’re not quite sure what your feeling

Do it like it’s poetry

Do it like it’s grit and it’s under your nails and sometimes it smells bad and hurts,

Do it like you were in the military

Do it like you never ever wished you were doing anything else,

Do it because you love and raise the bar and keep raising it until it’s not there anymore

Do it like it’s at the bottom of the ocean and you are lifting the whole thing up

Do it,

Do it because you can’t stop,

Do it because it’s spring and the winter is over,

Do it because you can’t do it,

Do it because it’s early and the birds woke you up,

Do it because it’s late and you want to stay inside the nest all day and sleep,

Do it like you are the whole world doing it, because you are.

Just fucking do it,

Do it and when you start doing it don’t stop don’t stop don’t ever stop doing it,

Do it like you are fighting lightning,

Do it,

Do it because you are made to do it,

Do it because you can.

Do it because your father did,

Do it because never is a poor word.