Liberating Words - Part II

Written by Goachi Vang


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Photograph by   Tim Marshall

Photograph by Tim Marshall

We think we know what is best for people. We never ask them, personally. We never give them the chance to explain themselves, to justify what is best for them. And that is what will destroy us – not even asking, only assuming.



Emotions don’t have to control you, but they can drive you.


Don’t mistaken someone’s self-protection as manipulation.

Photograph by  pixpoetry

Photograph by pixpoetry

Photograph by   Joshua Newton

Photograph by Joshua Newton

There is a fire in me. It’s like I am the wick with a lighter waving over me, but it never lights me up. Because the time is not right. Because it is not ready to be lit. But it is there, and I am waiting to love myself enough to ignite the flame.