Shadow Self

Written by Geena Lorenzo Brown 

 Photograph by   Roberto Delgado Webb

Photograph by Roberto Delgado Webb

There's something you Know
In the depths of your soul,
Buried fast beneath the brush
Just moments ago.
I saw it quiver,
(Like an arrow, whose archer is Hungry
And lost in the Wood),
And slip away unnoticed
Following a "hush",
Hand drawn to your lips.
Stake now your campsite
If this is where you'd sooner break bread;
Just know that
A few meters below your head
Lies everything you've ever dreamt of Doing; Being;
And Seeing.
Grab a shovel, dear,
It's time to start digging.


Written by Geena Lorenzo Brown 


Restless mind

Longing to Create

Don't you realize

This is your Pain?

To live a life of safety,

Soreness from sitting

Bones cracking

Underneath the Rubble of latency

Yet Rise you must

Above complacency

Let your Heart move

Within your Body again;

Remove the trappings;

Stretch your legs.

Before dark nights

That lasted 'till morning

There was an Everlasting dawn

(I and I remember it well),

You Opened your eyes

and never closed them

Except for to sleep.

Our Own Self Reflection

Written by Katie Page

 Photograph by   Sacha Styles

Photograph by Sacha Styles

Most of us say we care about nature,

Even when we waste unused paper.

Find ourselves complaining why people don’t give a damn

But when someone asks for help, we make excuses not to lend a hand.

Most of us struggle to find our way, doing things that we hate to get paid.

So how can we say, we aren’t to blame, when its choices we made, made us into the people we are today.

So now it’s time to make a stand, and to lend a hand to the homeless man.

Because in the end, we are all the same we can’t continue to go on this way,

Because if don’t, make change, everything to will get worse and we only have ourselves to blame.