Weep for Me

Written by Rachel Hubbard


Weep for me and all the others

Who are cast down among the earth

Where bodies lie within the mud

And yet our actions carry on to truth

There is some part of us still there

A breathing in the heart of land

Though we lie here beneath the feet 

And are not one but one of many

We do not count for our beliefs

But the orders we carried out

There is no heart, no soul in here

But blood and sweat and toil

The hands above us paved the way

For those who’ve yet to come

Perhaps the ones who've fallen here

Will leave some sons to see tomorrow 

And if a new tomorrow comes

And wakens with the morning sun

Think now what light it wants to shed

And pause for a moment for the dead. 

It's Been One Year

Written by Jill Paton


It’s been one year

A tear in the fabric of time, for it could have been a week

A week since I last saw your face

Swam in the blue of your eyes

My lips melted into yours

My body drowned in the shape of you

But it could have been three years

Three years since I last heard the song that was your laugh

Felt your breath on my neck

Buried my face in your shirt

Drifted to sleep knowing your arms would never let me go               

But they did let me go

I let you go

I suppose it doesn’t really matter how many years have passed

It only matters that they’re not coming back

You’re not coming back

And no amount of time will change the guilt I feel

That since you left this earth

Though flames devoured my world

Now the ashes have fallen, along with me, into the arms of another

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The Night you said “Night”

Hope’s Expiry Date

There’s a Voice in my Head

Are you Okay?

Written by Jill Paton


“Are you okay?” They ask

Am I okay?

Well I’m still breathing if that’s what they mean

Blood still pumps around my veins, carrying the air that is forced in and out of my lungs, pushed around by my still-beating heart

See my body still works, which I suppose is some sort of poetic irony

Considering I am completely broken


I wonder if one day I will turn to dust

When the tears streaming like rivers down my cheeks run dry

And the ocean inside me becomes a lifeless desert

A broken watch lying in the sand stuck on quarter to 6

A crack on the face, just like the crack in my heart that might as well have stopped beating when yours did


Half of me died with you that day, and the other half is drowning along with it

Gasping for breath as I struggle to stay above the surface

Tell me, how can I stay afloat when my life jacket turned into an anchor?

A chain wrapped around that fourth finger like a wedding band

Dragging me into the dark depths of the water to a place where I no longer recognise myself


All I know how to do is cut deeper wounds

I’ve never known how to heal

And I know truly that nothing will ever ease this ache

Maybe a bridge or a train but that only furthers the cycle of pain

And no more

No more


“Are you okay?” They ask

Am I okay?

“I’m fine”

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You're Not All Bark

Written by Christopher Hales

 Photograph by   Charles Deluvio

Photograph by Charles Deluvio

The darkness is clouded,

Your eyes aren’t all black.

You appear as a bite,

A knife ready to cut through

The vein in my mind that creates happiness.

The fear you radiate is blinding

To those who do not uncover the smile you

Scratch off in private.

The night isn’t your friend,

It is your enemy.

The future won’t tell us,

The past said enough,

But always we remember the truth behind the scowl.




Here Stands a Gay Man

Written by Ramona Thompson

 Photograph by  Elvin Ruiz

Photograph by Elvin Ruiz

Here stands a gay man
Here stands your only son
Longing only to be
Loved and accepted
His choices understood
Embraced not with hate
But with a father's love
A father's joy
At last
His boy knows who and what
He wants to be
Can we bridge that gap?
Can we come together?
Father and son?
Man to man
The truth no longer
Hidden away in shame
The veil lifted
To reveal
The greatest gift
The gift of forgiveness
Healing of all wounds
So we may begin again
This time
With no regrets or harsh judgements
Just two men

Just us
A father and his son
What matters most of all is family
That's what's I ask of you, Sir
Standing here before you
A gay man
But still always your son
No matter what else may come

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A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Can Words Heal?

When will the Bullying Stop?

Written by Ramona Thompson

 Photograph by   Kat J

Photograph by Kat J

When will enough be enough?
How long can we blame it on the excuse of mental illness?
Every day pushed closer to the edge
No one to care or listen until it's too late
Why can't we find more compassion to prevent something tragic?
It's gone too far when someone feels they have no other choice
Lingering resentments should never be allowed to boil over to murder
Letting someone hurt so much they feel they have no other recourse is unacceptable
The time is now to make a change
However hard it may be
Everything must be done that is in our power to stop the relentless merry go round
Better some hurt feelings than one more massacre
Until some respondability for our actions is taken none of us can feel 100 percent safe
Life is not a game nor a reality tv show fighting for ratings
Life is doing unto others as you would have done unto you
You have a choice everyday how to treat your fellow human being
It's the only way
No more mean or cruel words to cut down a soul in despair
God knows the buck has to stop somewhere
So not why not let it stop with us?
The answer to the end of the violence is right in front of us
One by one we must accept it or I'm afraid worse may be yet to come
Please can't we all stop and listen before it's too late?
2018 Ramona Thompson
Hate Is Its Own Mental Illness
By Ramona Thompson
How cruel it consumes
All without reason
The monster feeds
Enjoying the terror and heartache left in its aftermath

It is the worse of the worse inside us all
Savoring the day we are pushed too far and it is released

It is the beast in the night slowly eating a human soul alive
Taking whatever it wishes and throwing aside the rest
Shocking in its depraved patience to rule us all

One can never quite escape the shadow that walks always beside us
What excuse have you or I for it?
None, no none at all

Maybe we are the fools to let so easy into our lives
Everyday coming that much closer to losing the fight
Never stopping to think it could be our fault we cannot be stronger
Truth swallows lies as we slip ever deeper into the abyss
Allowing our worse fears to guide and control us
Love has no place in our modern lives or so it seems

If only we could see the shadows for the lies they are
Lingering and festering
No more please!
Enough is enough!
Somehow this terrible thing must end
Somehow, someway we must learn to get along

Before the monster takes his moment of
Complete and total victory

Pints and Balls

Written by Christopher Hales


The stairway down,

The smell of Budweiser on the teeth,

The yellow gaze on my

eyes. Noise after noise of ‘the lads’ chanting

The sing song on match day

Thickens and thickens,

My ear drums ready to go the

Way of the bomb.

The blue and white scarfs

Waving like outside Buckingham Palace.

Lads, lads.

The sinking of pint after pint.

It never ends.

I spiral further down the hole.The stairway down,

Shadow Self

Written by Geena Lorenzo Brown 

 Photograph by   Roberto Delgado Webb

Photograph by Roberto Delgado Webb

There's something you Know
In the depths of your soul,
Buried fast beneath the brush
Just moments ago.
I saw it quiver,
(Like an arrow, whose archer is Hungry
And lost in the Wood),
And slip away unnoticed
Following a "hush",
Hand drawn to your lips.
Stake now your campsite
If this is where you'd sooner break bread;
Just know that
A few meters below your head
Lies everything you've ever dreamt of Doing; Being;
And Seeing.
Grab a shovel, dear,
It's time to start digging.


Written by Geena Lorenzo Brown 


Restless mind

Longing to Create

Don't you realize

This is your Pain?

To live a life of safety,

Soreness from sitting

Bones cracking

Underneath the Rubble of latency

Yet Rise you must

Above complacency

Let your Heart move

Within your Body again;

Remove the trappings;

Stretch your legs.

Before dark nights

That lasted 'till morning

There was an Everlasting dawn

(I and I remember it well),

You Opened your eyes

and never closed them

Except for to sleep.

Our Own Self Reflection

Written by Katie Page

 Photograph by   Sacha Styles

Photograph by Sacha Styles

Most of us say we care about nature,

Even when we waste unused paper.

Find ourselves complaining why people don’t give a damn

But when someone asks for help, we make excuses not to lend a hand.

Most of us struggle to find our way, doing things that we hate to get paid.

So how can we say, we aren’t to blame, when its choices we made, made us into the people we are today.

So now it’s time to make a stand, and to lend a hand to the homeless man.

Because in the end, we are all the same we can’t continue to go on this way,

Because if don’t, make change, everything to will get worse and we only have ourselves to blame.