Written by Leighann Leigh

Photograph by   Lode Lagrainge

Photograph by Lode Lagrainge

Dark clouds fill the long Kansas sky. She stands, waiting. Her floral farm dress bellows in the warm wind. She shifts her emerald eyes to the rusting burn behind her. Thinking this will be her saviour. She looks back at me, just as the sky turns black. She parts her ruby red lips to say “ There’s a storm coming.”

As we sit in the barn, there is an abundant smell of grain and hay that lingers among the rotting flooring below us. I start to shiver as a cold breeze rushes through the slats. You can hear the lighting striking. It’s almost too dark to see anything. All we can see is the bright flashes, and hear the sky screaming down. It’s getting closer…

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The Mute Woman

Written by Ramona Thompson


The silence she kept led to my crime
How could she not speak to save another woman from this nightmare?
Every minute of my life now I am torn between shame for myself and bitter hate for her

Mother, how could you
You only had to speak up and he would have been gone from our lives
The monster you wed was not worth throwing your daughter to her sanity's deathbed
Ever look back and regret what we lost because of your silence?

What drove you to let a mere man drive us apart?
One choice forever altered all the ever was and could be
Maybe if you had just once been able to live without a man
All would not have been so brutally lost
Now I guess mama we will never know

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What the Sow Overheard

Written by Ramona Thompson

Photograph by   Theo Leconte

Photograph by Theo Leconte

Wandering too far one night from the farmer’s field the sow found the most unearthly trouble
Hell having a little invasion party and she was the guest of horror
A wicked plan to overthrow she heard and was again quite the same 
The details so awful she could not stop the beginning of fear thru her shaking

The aim was deadly and clear to her what these aliens intended to do and how
Having summoned up her courage she ran hoping to be time to the farmer to stop them
Everyone in the field she knew would most surely praise her for saving the world this day 

So she ran and she ran and she ran until she could run no more
One set on a mission she must carry through or face the end of the world due to her failure to warn
What she had forgotten in her quest was one small but very important detail

One small but oh so important thing she had forgotten in her haste
Victory so near yet so far for mankind
Even as she ran the thought nagged and would’t go away
Righteous she met the farmer in the field and begin to stumble out her awful tale
How full of drama and horrid fact she was as she told it to the disbelieving farmer
Even as she spoke she felt something was wrong just by the way he looked at her
All at once it came to her in a cold shock
Rigid with fear anew she began to quake as the old farmer sadly shook his head and advanced
Down, down gotta put the mad cow down was the intent clear upon his face

For the small but most important thing she had forgotten?
She was but a cow and could only over and over madly moo
No human words could she speak at all
And so later that day our earth did fall victim to a cruel alien plan
For no one could understand…..

What the sow overheard

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Angry Much

Written by Katie Page


Nonsense stuff that

 foams from your mouth

The useless remarks

 that seem to go

 around and around.

The words that seem to

 be perfect at the time,

has left me

 mentally scarred,

and wondering

who the fuck am I

you yell, and

 you scream at me

you even stare at me

 while am asleep

I wish that people could

 see who you’re really are

Not what you pretend to be.

I am constantly exhausted

 by the lies that you say

I wonder if I will

 ever be free from

you and your evil ways.

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A Mum's World

Written by Katie Page


I never meant to make you sad,

I am just trying to hold on, when life gets bad.

I grew up feeling, believing that everything was good.

but now, I am stuck worrying about things a little more then I should.

Then i realised just because I am a mum, doesn't mean that I deserve to be treated badly

especially when I am a good mum.

I want to say, a few words if I may, just because life went your way.

doesn't mean you have a right to say that other mums aren't doing it right,

because they aren't doing it your way.

So be careful what you say, because you may cost someone more then just having a bad day.

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Written by Ciah Fannin


Prom dresses
Nails painted white

Hair fried
Kentucky pride
Perfume stays on all night

Lucky winner
Buy me dinner
Take me home at dawn

Take off your jacket
Everyone does it
There ain’t nothin wrong

Tell me i’m pretty
Never liked the city
Couldn’t see through the glow

When you got all this
You’re on everyone’s list
Why would you ever go?

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Written by Mike Davies


If a man carries no burdens,

Is he not still heavy laden?

If he shows no fear,

Does he not quiver inside ?

If a man shows no emotion,

Is he still allowed to weep?

If he shows almighty strength,

Is he able to show weakness?

If a man shows confidence, 

Does it mean he's not shy?

If he shows love for others,

Is he able to love himself?

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Married with a Baby on the Way

Written by Ramona Thompson


Made up my mind and I'm sticking to it
A commitment not so long I made
Regardless of what promises I may have made you Rest assured it was only a temporary passion talking I love my wife and always will
Either we go on as is or we can part ways now
Don't see any other way now that she's having my baby

Why act and look so stunned?
I'm trying to be straight up here
The truth is what you wanted isn't it?
How can you act like this, so angry?

As if we were some kinda true love thing

Believe me when I say it was simply sex
A family man is all I am and shall remain
Best not to get too carried away with your silly illusions
You'll only be disappointed in the end

Ok maybe I'm a dog to treat you this way
No way you really thought I'd ever leave her, did you?

That's just too much!
How could a grown woman be so native?
Every time we got together did't I tell you it was only a limited thing with us?

Way too crazy for all this drama!
And I'm thinking maybe we should't go on after all
You could do me one favour before you go, could't you?

Could you give me the phone number of your hot friend?
After all I'm only a married man with a baby on the way

It's not like I'm dead!

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Hate Up! I'm Happy

Written by Ramona Thompson


Is that what you had in mind?
Just now when I'm free
To love and be happy again
I don't think so
Lover boy
Time for you
To get long past gone
Cause we're never going back to
The way we were before

You'll find no surrender here
No way you can break us up
Or cause a scandal
A rendezvous
I'll leave unfulfilled
Meeting you nowhere
No time soon
Not even if Hell freezes over
I'm done
Living that reckless
Dangerous kind of life
Thanks to your last deception
Whatever I once felt
You murdered

Desire now
Only for him
My husband to be
My second chance
So go crawl on back
Back to the bed of your mistress
You remember?
My ex best?
The one you were so hot to trot for?
Or has she lost her appeal?
Her mystique for you?

Shut up!
I'm happy!
Don't miss you
Don't need you
It's done
We're over
And your game I'm leaving far behind
For a better, new life
With a hotter, better man
Stirs my heart
My soul
With romance and passion
Where once you left me
Oh so cold
So goodbye lover boy
See you in Hell!

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All I See is You

Written by Natalie Cabo


To the boy with the eyes of wonder and the smile of comfort:

When I look into your eyes, I finally see the world in colour.

When you smile, I’m overwhelmed by forbidden possibilities.

When I look into your eyes, you transform my nothing into everything.

When you smile, I discover a reason to love myself.

When I look into your eyes, I experience the sensation of living.


If it wasn’t for your smile or your piercing blue eyes, I wouldn’t be me.

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Written by Ashley O’Hare

Photograph by   Luca Bravo

Photograph by Luca Bravo

Your silhouette in the moonlight,

our laughter blending into a perfect harmony.

This is what it’s meant to be like -

our joy prevailing over our stress.

The world is at our fingertips.

Nothing can hold us back.

Nothing can dissuade us from pursuing an enjoyable weekend.

You and I,

we don’t need to be rich to live.

So let’s lie in the crisp grass,

my front yard coming alive with every breeze.

Let’s follow our hearts

and rest our heads a while.

By day, we cloud watch.

By night, the stars have our attention.

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Digital Captivity

Written by Ashley O’Hare


You were the blue screen that illuminated my dull life.

I didn’t think you could send so much damage.

Looking into your eyes burned my pupils.

Speaking to you made me deaf to the warning alerts

incessantly trying to stop me from falling for you.

Finally, I revised my actions and found my error.

I tried to delete you from my life,

but that didn’t work.

You came back on various other platforms.

I tried to turn off our connection,

but you found out how to hack yourself back into my heart

and clicked it back on.

I wish I only knew the cheat code

to reverse the past.

You made yourself a key -

something essential to keeping my keyboard whole and functional.

I tried to fix it.

I tried

I tried

and I tried -

Until I gave up

and logged off

and stood up

and finally started living.

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Weep for Me

Written by Rachel Hubbard


Weep for me and all the others

Who are cast down among the earth

Where bodies lie within the mud

And yet our actions carry on to truth

There is some part of us still there

A breathing in the heart of land

Though we lie here beneath the feet 

And are not one but one of many

We do not count for our beliefs

But the orders we carried out

There is no heart, no soul in here

But blood and sweat and toil

The hands above us paved the way

For those who’ve yet to come

Perhaps the ones who've fallen here

Will leave some sons to see tomorrow 

And if a new tomorrow comes

And wakens with the morning sun

Think now what light it wants to shed

And pause for a moment for the dead.