Here Stands a Gay Man

Written by Ramona Thompson

Photograph by  Elvin Ruiz

Photograph by Elvin Ruiz

Here stands a gay man
Here stands your only son
Longing only to be
Loved and accepted
His choices understood
Embraced not with hate
But with a father's love
A father's joy
At last
His boy knows who and what
He wants to be
Can we bridge that gap?
Can we come together?
Father and son?
Man to man
The truth no longer
Hidden away in shame
The veil lifted
To reveal
The greatest gift
The gift of forgiveness
Healing of all wounds
So we may begin again
This time
With no regrets or harsh judgements
Just two men

Just us
A father and his son
What matters most of all is family
That's what's I ask of you, Sir
Standing here before you
A gay man
But still always your son
No matter what else may come

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