When will the Bullying Stop?

Written by Ramona Thompson

Photograph by   Kat J

Photograph by Kat J

When will enough be enough?
How long can we blame it on the excuse of mental illness?
Every day pushed closer to the edge
No one to care or listen until it's too late
Why can't we find more compassion to prevent something tragic?
It's gone too far when someone feels they have no other choice
Lingering resentments should never be allowed to boil over to murder
Letting someone hurt so much they feel they have no other recourse is unacceptable
The time is now to make a change
However hard it may be
Everything must be done that is in our power to stop the relentless merry go round
Better some hurt feelings than one more massacre
Until some respondability for our actions is taken none of us can feel 100 percent safe
Life is not a game nor a reality tv show fighting for ratings
Life is doing unto others as you would have done unto you
You have a choice everyday how to treat your fellow human being
It's the only way
No more mean or cruel words to cut down a soul in despair
God knows the buck has to stop somewhere
So not why not let it stop with us?
The answer to the end of the violence is right in front of us
One by one we must accept it or I'm afraid worse may be yet to come
Please can't we all stop and listen before it's too late?
2018 Ramona Thompson
Hate Is Its Own Mental Illness
By Ramona Thompson
How cruel it consumes
All without reason
The monster feeds
Enjoying the terror and heartache left in its aftermath

It is the worse of the worse inside us all
Savoring the day we are pushed too far and it is released

It is the beast in the night slowly eating a human soul alive
Taking whatever it wishes and throwing aside the rest
Shocking in its depraved patience to rule us all

One can never quite escape the shadow that walks always beside us
What excuse have you or I for it?
None, no none at all

Maybe we are the fools to let so easy into our lives
Everyday coming that much closer to losing the fight
Never stopping to think it could be our fault we cannot be stronger
Truth swallows lies as we slip ever deeper into the abyss
Allowing our worse fears to guide and control us
Love has no place in our modern lives or so it seems

If only we could see the shadows for the lies they are
Lingering and festering
No more please!
Enough is enough!
Somehow this terrible thing must end
Somehow, someway we must learn to get along

Before the monster takes his moment of
Complete and total victory