It's Been One Year

Written by Jill Paton


It’s been one year

A tear in the fabric of time, for it could have been a week

A week since I last saw your face

Swam in the blue of your eyes

My lips melted into yours

My body drowned in the shape of you

But it could have been three years

Three years since I last heard the song that was your laugh

Felt your breath on my neck

Buried my face in your shirt

Drifted to sleep knowing your arms would never let me go               

But they did let me go

I let you go

I suppose it doesn’t really matter how many years have passed

It only matters that they’re not coming back

You’re not coming back

And no amount of time will change the guilt I feel

That since you left this earth

Though flames devoured my world

Now the ashes have fallen, along with me, into the arms of another

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