Digital Captivity

Written by Ashley O’Hare


You were the blue screen that illuminated my dull life.

I didn’t think you could send so much damage.

Looking into your eyes burned my pupils.

Speaking to you made me deaf to the warning alerts

incessantly trying to stop me from falling for you.

Finally, I revised my actions and found my error.

I tried to delete you from my life,

but that didn’t work.

You came back on various other platforms.

I tried to turn off our connection,

but you found out how to hack yourself back into my heart

and clicked it back on.

I wish I only knew the cheat code

to reverse the past.

You made yourself a key -

something essential to keeping my keyboard whole and functional.

I tried to fix it.

I tried

I tried

and I tried -

Until I gave up

and logged off

and stood up

and finally started living.

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