Hate Up! I'm Happy

Written by Ramona Thompson


Is that what you had in mind?
Just now when I'm free
To love and be happy again
I don't think so
Lover boy
Time for you
To get long past gone
Cause we're never going back to
The way we were before

You'll find no surrender here
No way you can break us up
Or cause a scandal
A rendezvous
I'll leave unfulfilled
Meeting you nowhere
No time soon
Not even if Hell freezes over
I'm done
Living that reckless
Dangerous kind of life
Thanks to your last deception
Whatever I once felt
You murdered

Desire now
Only for him
My husband to be
My second chance
So go crawl on back
Back to the bed of your mistress
You remember?
My ex best?
The one you were so hot to trot for?
Or has she lost her appeal?
Her mystique for you?

Shut up!
I'm happy!
Don't miss you
Don't need you
It's done
We're over
And your game I'm leaving far behind
For a better, new life
With a hotter, better man
Stirs my heart
My soul
With romance and passion
Where once you left me
Oh so cold
So goodbye lover boy
See you in Hell!

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