Married with a Baby on the Way

Written by Ramona Thompson


Made up my mind and I'm sticking to it
A commitment not so long I made
Regardless of what promises I may have made you Rest assured it was only a temporary passion talking I love my wife and always will
Either we go on as is or we can part ways now
Don't see any other way now that she's having my baby

Why act and look so stunned?
I'm trying to be straight up here
The truth is what you wanted isn't it?
How can you act like this, so angry?

As if we were some kinda true love thing

Believe me when I say it was simply sex
A family man is all I am and shall remain
Best not to get too carried away with your silly illusions
You'll only be disappointed in the end

Ok maybe I'm a dog to treat you this way
No way you really thought I'd ever leave her, did you?

That's just too much!
How could a grown woman be so native?
Every time we got together did't I tell you it was only a limited thing with us?

Way too crazy for all this drama!
And I'm thinking maybe we should't go on after all
You could do me one favour before you go, could't you?

Could you give me the phone number of your hot friend?
After all I'm only a married man with a baby on the way

It's not like I'm dead!

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