What the Sow Overheard

Written by Ramona Thompson

Photograph by   Theo Leconte

Photograph by Theo Leconte

Wandering too far one night from the farmer’s field the sow found the most unearthly trouble
Hell having a little invasion party and she was the guest of horror
A wicked plan to overthrow she heard and was again quite the same 
The details so awful she could not stop the beginning of fear thru her shaking

The aim was deadly and clear to her what these aliens intended to do and how
Having summoned up her courage she ran hoping to be time to the farmer to stop them
Everyone in the field she knew would most surely praise her for saving the world this day 

So she ran and she ran and she ran until she could run no more
One set on a mission she must carry through or face the end of the world due to her failure to warn
What she had forgotten in her quest was one small but very important detail

One small but oh so important thing she had forgotten in her haste
Victory so near yet so far for mankind
Even as she ran the thought nagged and would’t go away
Righteous she met the farmer in the field and begin to stumble out her awful tale
How full of drama and horrid fact she was as she told it to the disbelieving farmer
Even as she spoke she felt something was wrong just by the way he looked at her
All at once it came to her in a cold shock
Rigid with fear anew she began to quake as the old farmer sadly shook his head and advanced
Down, down gotta put the mad cow down was the intent clear upon his face

For the small but most important thing she had forgotten?
She was but a cow and could only over and over madly moo
No human words could she speak at all
And so later that day our earth did fall victim to a cruel alien plan
For no one could understand…..

What the sow overheard

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