Torn between Duty and Desire

Written by Ramona Thompson

Photograph by   Syarafina Yusof

Photograph by Syarafina Yusof

Taking wedding vows is the farthest thing from my mind since meeting him
Oh God what am I going to do?
Rumbling in my head day and night are these constant all consuming doubts
Never before been so unsure of anything in my life

Bitch of a thing it would be to do to a man who has stood by me through it all
Either way I choose someone is bound to get hurt
That's what makes this so very hard
Why can't I get past one scandal of a kiss and forget him?
Everywhere I go and everything I do his memory follows me
Even in my dreams there's no escaping that sensual devil's smile
Never felt my heart or my good girl ways so tested before

Damned if I do and damned if I don't
Under the spell cast by forbidden love
No way I can go on forever denying the truth
Yet somehow I must find the courage to do just that

All I've ever wanted I have and yet can not have
Not if I want to avoid hurting anyone
Damn it all!

Destined to love one while doomed to wed another
Everywhere I turn is only another dead end
So deeply buried I can't find a way out of this mess I have made
It brings endless tears to my eyes and rips my heart right in two
Right or wrong there is no clear choice here
Either way I choose

Torn between duty and desire

Someone is bound to lose

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Am I the Other Woman?

Written by Ramona Thompson

Photograph by   Shirly Niv Mart

Photograph by Shirly Niv Mart

I have stolen his heart from you in vengeful secret

Alone one night I seduced him - your trust to betray
Made a mockery of your so called love with our torrid sex play

The game you lost
Hurt me once too often and so in the worse way
Eternal hurtful revenge I took

One cruel act leads to another everytime
This is advice you may want next time before you betray a friend
Hurt me and get double the pain back
Everyone knows that it is, honey
Romance all too often kills even the best of friendships

What goes around comes around
One way or another in time
Made your bed but tonight I'll be the one sleeping in it
A damn shame it had to come to this
Never would have believed

Would you?

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Let Them Go

Written by Jill Paton


We are obsessed with putting the things we love in cages

Containing them as a form of affection

If we find something interesting

Instead of observing

We confine

We build steel bars around the objects of our curiosity

And claim that it’s love


We wrap our arms around them so tightly

They cannot breathe

And claim that it’s love

But what we don’t seem to realise is that

To take hold and never let go

Is not real love

But a corrupt form of the feeling

Polluted by the desire to possess

For, to truly love a thing

You must set it free

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