The Musician

Written by Leah Jane


He stands alone in his wooden castle

Look around

The worn panels letting the light flood in

He`s poised by the fully lighted entrance

Like a doorway to another kingdom


The hard, dark floor is littered with debris

Twigs, and leaves

He treads upon them not knowing they`re there

A youthful man beyond this earthly realm

He is strong and proud with his pearl held high


He comes to play his musical machine

loud and clear

Hours turn to days as he loses his woes

He transports himself to other places

Bowing the strings to produce a sweet sound


Resting gently under his clean cut chin

Fingers sure

The magical strings of all different keys

Conjuring sounds to please himself…alone

Every now and then people would join him


The sound so soulful, passionate and deep

Sweet music

The wooden object his constant ally

Years to master the art of music notes

Now a fluent expert in the language


The melodies fill the air with such grace

A new world

Everything changes when he starts to play

A vortex to different realities

Beyond all kinds of existence of life


The melancholic sound brings forth blithe tears

Never sad

All who hear him are enchanted at once

The cavernous room is seemingly light

The expanse now a lavish brick alcazar


When the music stops everyone departs

Without words

The artist is the only one who stays

No one around to hear his dulcet sounds

Jilted in this world he has created

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