A True Friend

Written by Beenish Akhtar 

Photograph by  Katie Treadway

Photograph by Katie Treadway

I was sitting in a crowd; seeing people passing by,

Not feeling good; just wanting to cry.

Never thought I would be so alone,

Never knew my own could be this way,

In such hard times of life,

I don’t even wish to pray.

Suddenly you just call my name,

Knowing that I’m not the same.

Tears of joy strain down my face,

At least someone is walking with my pace.

I always knew you were a good person,

But never thought I deserved this gift.

The gift of friendship when no one was around,

At times when I even forgot my own sound.

I know I have completely changed,

But for you I’ll always stay the same.

Your sweet words and trustworthy tone,

Makes me feel you’re one of my own.

I owe you a lot for showing me the light,

When I had almost given up on life.

You helped me in living all over again,

To forget all the past and all the pain.

I’ll never forget you no matter how far I go,

I’ll always watch your back, that’s what I know.

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