Written by Tewenika Edmonds

Photograph by  Alessio Lin

Photograph by Alessio Lin

Over the years I’ve lost myself, leaving pieces of me behind. I look into the mirror at a body and face that’s not mine. 

A shadow lingers over me, haunting me from inside. I have no strength to fight it, so within myself I hide. 

People notice I don’t talk much, but I have nothing to share or say. My thoughts they are not pleasant, they take over me each day. 

I’m growing weaker by the minute, there is little left to save. I think back to when I was younger, those memories in the past I crave. 

A little girl who was happy, how I wish I could go back. To save myself from sadness, from slipping through the cracks. 

“Don’t let anyone bring you down. Trust me, they will try. Hold your heart closely, don’t fall for every lie”. 

“make better choices than I have, for my choices they were not wise. This is your chance to save us, so wipe the tears from your eyes”. 

I come back to my reality, where I’m drowning once again. My pain is pulling me under, this pain it has no end. 

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