Can Words Heal?

Written by Tim Foster


Why do I find it hard to write down my thoughts?
Is it because I have too much to write?
Or is it because I don’t have enough?
Perhaps it is because I don’t know how,
to put such vivid, deep, nonsensical emotions onto paper, naked and vulnerable, for all the world;
the world which matters to me – 
to see, scrutinise, laugh at, pick the bones out of.
Do my opinions matter? All dark and depressing,
I promise there’s light at the end of the tunnel,
A bloody long tunnel, but then again, my God,
My God always has time for me.
Yet, am I not just procrastinating, delaying the inevitable?
One day these words will flow from me, one way or another,
and let’s hope they re-build, move, and unite friends, foes, all nations. Or at the very least,
to allow one voice to proclaim to another – I love you….
And truly mean it.

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