The Ageing Man

Written by Mike Davies

Photograph by  Huy Phan

Photograph by Huy Phan

I remember when I was young, 
And I had all the power. 
When I was youthful and strong, 
And I didn't pee every half hour. 

When my hair met my shoulders, 
Not an ounce of fat in sight,
When i could see without glasses,
And my trousers weren't too tight.

When I owned every record in the charts,
I knew the words to every tune,
I didn't use a bulldog clip,
And my face didn't resemble a prune.

I remember when I thought I'd live forever,
And getting old was just baffling, 
And rising to the occasion, 
Didn't involve scaffolding. 

The days of my youth were full of fun,
I would never go backwards, here's why,
I may never meet the love of my life,
Or hear my beautiful daughter cry.

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