Disconnected Love

Written by Payge Stanley

Photograph by  Cooper Smith

Photograph by Cooper Smith

Walking away at the airport that day was the hardest thing I’ve done, but our quiet promise sealed with a kiss shut out all doubts.

To go back to video calls and texts after two blissful weeks was the cruellest torture.
To say I missed you was an understatement, but our love was stronger than the miles that separated us.

But soon our love grew tired of traveling through the speakers of our Skype calls.
Your promises got home sick and didn’t make their way to me.

You sent a ‘Return to sender’ on my love that left me with the biggest ‘fragile’ warning.
 The time zones seemed to delay our plans more prominently than I thought.

You grew tired of waiting, I grew tired of fighting, we grew tired of nothing changing. I just hope it was the right decision for I know there will never be another love story as memorable as ours.

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