Eyes Disguised as Lustful Lies

Written by Payge Stanley

Photograph by  Rhett Wesley

Photograph by Rhett Wesley

He told me lullabies and promised "once upon a times".

Kept me wishing on the dandelions I'd thrown into the sky.

For he looked like a fairytale, a happily ever after cure.

But he was a wolf in sheep's clothing, who's intentions were impure. 

I bit so freely into his apple of deceit, 

unaware of the games he liked to play, where he would always cheat.

Too impatient to take the path that was made to get to the end,

He'd make detours of his own no matter who's pain was at extent. 

I dove deep into the ocean's of his love I thought was true,

While he drew in other shipwrecked girls with a simple "I love you".

I took his words for honest truths, as if he was unable to lie,

But all that lead to was my naivity and his careless goodbye.

He walks like he owns the sunset, and as if the moon illuminates his eyes.

But the spell has been broken from me and I see through his disguise.

He never was prince charming, he was only ever a beast.

The rose was an illusion of promise that he only intended to lease.

I feel sorry for the others who may not escape his tower of lies,

and be locked up in isolation with sugar coated eyes.

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