Rachael Cheeseman

Senior Writer


Rachael is our psychology guru here at Forge and Flint. Whether it’s emotions, behaviour, relationships or sex, she wants you to hear her opinions on the matter. She adores brains more than a zombie and cannot get enough of trying to puzzle out why we do the crazy things we do.

When she’s not making use of her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, Rachael can be found studying up on her other passion: octopuses (yes it’s octopuses not octopi, she rants about it to us all the time). She loves to write about the weird and wonderful and share a few too many embarrassing anecdotes with us along the way.

There’s nothing Rachael delights in more than finding new and interesting perspectives on life and that’s just one of the reasons she enjoys looking through your script submissions and helping to turn them into short films.

If she’s not hard at work, Rachael is most likely re-watching The Labyrinth for the millionth time, reading Stephen King books or teaching her son obscure quotes from cult movies.

Given the opportunity she’d happily spend all her free time playing tabletop games and watching American Football with her husband.


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